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Gift Guidelines

Gifts must be brand new and in their wrappings

The value of the gift must be kept between the £20-£30 limit.

If a toy is battery operated please include at least one set of batteries with the present.

If cosmetics are being brought please keep to brands not marked with inappropriate logos i.e. “sexy”or similar.

No personal or religious messages to be added to gifts please.

Gift Tokens are perfect for the older children but please keep to tokens that can be spent in shops.  These children don’t all have access to online shopping or safe posting points and cannot afford to pay for postage. We recommend All4One tokens which can be purchased at the Post Office.


Unfortunately Social Services can't accept the gifts wrapped, as each gift needs to be checked before being given to the child. Instead, we suggest the best option is to put the gift in a cloth drawstring bag. They look like a Santa sack, are reusable, fit all manner of gift shapes and numbers and can easily be untied and retied once the contents are checked. 

Drop off Locations

Main Base is:

Petersham Farm

Petersham Road


Surrey TW10 7AA

We have volunteer drop off points in: 






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